The Nest’s Scavenger Hunt!

It’s hunting time! I hope you’re all as excited as I am.

This hunt features different items to find for each store, each item coming with a specific riddle for you to solve.

Prizes are hidden all over the sim, so be sure to search everywhere, not just the stores the prizes are from! Here’s your riddles, have fun!:

Cheeky Pea: Gary the duck has run out of luck, and has wandered away from the bath. He’s got feathers of rubber, so don’t be a land lubber; go get your feet wet!

Circa: Cast your line into the water, and you might pull up a surprise.

Cleo Design: Katie the kite has a bit of a plight; she’s stuck and can’t fly away. If you climb on the roof and give her a boost, she’ll happily float away.

Culprit: They put my feet on cloud nine, but they’re up there, stuck on that line!

JoHaDeZ: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what happens if you’re feeling blue?

Percent: I heard Station Street has the best hotdogs in town!

Less is More: In a room hidden from view with only a window to look through, you’re bound to stay dry with an umbrella at your side.

Morrigans Closet: There’s not enough water in the world to clean these old bones.

Noble: Bike tires should never be higher than the grass on the ground. This one is stuck, and might need a fire truck to help get it down.

Zigana: Spring cleaning takes on a new meaning when you have to dust the flowers!

Here’s your SLURL.

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